Civil Projects

projects for B.Tech students on Civil. PROJECT LIST
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001 The Performance of high-grade concrete (M60) with full and partial replacement of crushed sand by Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS) in OPC Abstract
002 Behavior of M60 Grade concrete with full and partial replacement of Fine Aggregate (River sand) with GBFS in OPC Abstract
00 Experimental Investigation on Behavior of High-Grade concrete (psc) with full and partial replacement of fine aggregates using GBFS Abstract
004 Study on mechanical properties of cement mortar by the addition of UREOLYTIC bacteria Abstract
005 The Performance of high-grade concrete (M60) with full and partial replacement of crushed sand by Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS) in PPC. Abstract
006 Behavior of M60 Grade concrete with full and partial replacement of Fine Aggregate (River sand) with GBFS in PPC Abstract
007 Effects of different curing methods on strength of self-compacting concrete Abstract
008 Assessment of the suitability of coconut shell as charcoal as filler in stone matrix asphalt Abstract
009 Experimental study on the replacement of cement by Egg shell powder Abstract
0010 Mixing Ratio in Concrete Abstract
0011 Utilization of Demolished concrete waste for new construction Abstract
0012 Strength properties of concrete by using Rice Husk ash Abstract
0013 Experimental investigation for recycled coarse aggregate replaced for natural coarse aggregate in concrete Abstract
0014 Experimental study on Copper slag as fine aggregates in concrete Abstract
0015 Study on Bamboo as Reinforcement in cement concrete Abstract
0016 Suitability of Brick bats as coarse aggregates in concrete Abstract
0017 Mix design of self compacting concrete Abstract
0018 Workability of self-compacting concrete Abstract
0019 Experimental study on concrete by replacement of cement by glass powder Abstract
0020 Experimental Study Steel fiber Reinforced concrete Abstract
0021 Intermittent curing of M20 and M30 grade concrete Abstract
0022 Experimental study on replacement of fine aggregate by quarry dust in concrete Abstract
0023 Red mud as Partial replacement of cement in concrete Abstract
0024 Laboratory study on soil stabilization using fly ash mixtures Abstract
0025 Partial Replacement of Coarse aggregates by Polystyrene Beds in concrete Abstract
0026 Steel fiber Reinforced concrete Abstract
0027 Study on strength properties of concrete by using polypropylene fibers Abstract
0028 Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Coconut shells as Coarse aggregates Abstract
0029 Mechanical properties Concrete by using Metakaoline as Cement Abstract
0030 Road Asses management: Evaluation and techniques Abstract
0031 Development and experimentation using a low-cost road roughness device Abstract
0032 Modeling performance parameters of round about using Gap acceptance method for Indian traffic scenario Abstract
0033 A Study on use of polymeric waste materials in concrete for road pavements Abstract
0034 A Comparative study on the properties of pervious concrete for pavement using flyash Abstract
0035 Impact of vehicle pedestrian intersection on traffic flow: Midblock and intersections Abstract
0036 Estimation of service levels of pedestrian facilities using statistical methods Abstract
0037 Development of low cost road roughness measuring device Abstract
0038 A general study on the life cycle cost analysis for roads Abstract
0039 Effects of highway geometric elements on accident modelling Abstract
0040 Study on delay distribution of trains Abstract
0041 Performance analysis of round abouts using empirical method for Indian traffic scenario Abstract
0042 Operational analysis of roundabout under mixed traffic flow conditions Abstract
0043 Pavement Design Abstract
0044 Quality control in high way engineering Abstract
0045 Estimation of Pedestrian level of service alongside walks Abstract
0046 Determination of pedestrian level of service at signalized mid blocks under mix traffic conditions Abstract
0047 Flexible pavement design by CBR method Abstract
0048 Determination of Road Profile in an area Abstract
0049 Analysis of Traffic Flow Abstract
0050 Modelling of direct runoff on recession curve Abstract
0051 Assessment of ground water quality around landfill using GWQI Abstract
0052 Determination of contamination in the landfill surrounding using Fuzzy Abstract
0053 Small Hydropower: Feasible location, potential and installation in ODISHA Abstract
0054 Study of various methods for the removal of arsenic contamination in ground water Abstract
0055 Rainfall and runoff estimation using hydrological models Abstract
0056 Assessment of water resources and management strategies of Brahmani river basin. Abstract
0057 Impact of climate change on the hydrology of Mahanadi river basin. Abstract
0058 Drip irrigation Design Abstract
0059 Irrigation System analysis Abstract
0060 Preparation of bricks using construction and demolition waste and sludge Abstract
0061 Characterization and Application of Rice Husk for the removal of heavy metals from the Laboratory prepared waste water Abstract
0062 Assessment of water quality on Godavari River using QUAL2K Abstract
0063 Environmental flows detailed assessment of the rivers of the Mahanadi basin Abstract
0064 Water quality improvements using different filter methods Abstract
0065 Removal of heavy metals from the bed sediments of Brahmani river basin Abstract
0066 Removal of turbidity from water using low cost adsorbent Abstract
0067 Experimental study on contaminated groundwater Abstract
0068 Drinking water standards, testing and treatment. Abstract
0069 Sewage analysis and treatment Abstract
0070 Water supply and sanitation study for village Abstract
0071 Thermal analysis of Engineered multi barrier system for hazardous waste management Abstract
0072 Hydraulic conductivity and leachate characteristics of Lime Stabilized fly ash. Abstract
0073 Experimental study for the determination of infiltration rate of soils in field using double ring infiltrometer Abstract
0074 Red mud as a construction material by using bio remediation Abstract
0075 Stabilization of soil using Geopolymer and Bio polymer Abstract
0076 Stabilization of industrial by product using alkali activation Abstract
0077 Study on the effect of agriculture solid waste bagasse ash on the properties of expansive soil. Abstract
0078 Theoretical analysis of soil nailing ,design ,performance and future aspect Abstract
0079 Study of liquefaction of soil Abstract
0080 Usage of Plastic waste for the Soil stabilization Abstract
0081 Study on effect of molasses on strength of soil Abstract
0082 Ground Improvement techniques Abstract