VLSI Projects

Top 50 projects for M.Tech students on VLSI.
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VLSI001 An Efficient Constant Multiplier Architecture Based on Vertical-Horizontal Binary Common Sub-expression Elimination Algorithm for Reconfigurable FIR Filter Synthesis Abstract
VLSI002 Low-cost and high-speed hardware implementation of contrast-preserving image dynamic range compression for full-HD video enhancement. Abstract
VLSI003 Low-Power and Area-Efficient Shift Register Using Pulsed Latches. Abstract
VLSI004 High-Throughput Digit-Level Systolic Multiplier Over GF (2m) Based on Irreducible Trinomials. Abstract
VLSI005 Aggressive Voltage Scaling Through Fast Correction of Multiple Errors with Seamless Pipeline Operation. Abstract
VLSI006 Aging-aware Reliable multiplier design with adaptive hold logic Abstract
VLSI007 A Low-Power Architecture for the Design of a One-Dimensional Median Filter Abstract
VLSI008 An Area- and Energy-Efficient FIFO Design Using Error-Reduced Data Compression and Near-Threshold Operation for Image/Video Applications Abstract
VLSI009 Efficient Parallel Architecture for Linear Feedback Shift Registers Abstract
VLSI010 Reconfigurable Filter Bank with Complete Control over Subband Bandwidths for Multi standard Wireless Communication Receivers Abstract
VLSI011 Result-Biased Distributed-Arithmetic-Based Filter Architectures for Approximately Computing the DWT Abstract
VLSI012 Vectored Implementation of Hierarchical 22n QAM Abstract
VLSI013 Area-Efficient Subquadratic Space-Complexity Digit-Serial Multiplier for Type-II Optimal Normal Basis of Using Symmetric TMVP and Block Recombination Techniques Abstract
VLSI014 Efficient VLSI Architecture for Decimation-in-Time Fast Fourier Transform of Real-Valued Data Abstract
VLSI015 Normalized Subband Adaptive Filtering Algorithm with Reduced Computational Complexity Abstract
VLSI016 A PFD and Charge Pump Switching Circuit to Optimize the Output Phase Noise of the PLL in 90 nm CMOS Abstract
VLSI017 Design and Analysis of an Adaptively Biased Low Dropout Regulator Using Enhanced Current Mirror Buffer Abstract
VLSI018 Design of Improved Performance Voltage Controlled Ring Oscillator Abstract
VLSI019 Analysis and Design of Dual-Mode CMOS LC-VCOs Abstract
VLSI020 Fully-Integrated Low-Dropout Regulator with Full-Spectrum Power Supply Rejection Abstract
VLSI021 Area Delay Efficient Binary Adders in QCA Abstract
VLSI022 Input vector monitoring concurrent BIST Architecture using SRAM cells Abstract
VLSI023 Area-delay-power efficient fixed point LMS Adaptive filter with low adaptation delay Abstract
VLSI024 Efficient FPGA Implementation of Addresses generator for WiMAX Deinterleaver Abstract
VLSI025 Low complexity Low Latency Architecture for matching of data encoded with hard systematic error correcting codes Abstract
VLSI026 Reverse converter design via parallel prefix adders: Novel components, methodology and implementations Abstract
VLSI027 Data Encoding Techniques for Reducing Energy Consumption in Network-on-Chip Abstract
VLSI028 Critical path analysis & low complexity implementation of the LMS adaptive algorithm Abstract