PYTHON Projects

projects for B.Tech students on PYTHON. PROJECT LIST
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001 A Data Mining Based Model For Detection Of Fraudulent Behavior In Water Consumption Abstract
002 A Bi-Objective Hyper-Heuristic Support Vector Machines For Big Data Cyber- Security Abstract
003 Bag-Of-Discriminative-Words (Bodw) Representation Via Topic Modeling Abstract
004 Big Mart Sales Abstract
005 Block Chain Technology Abstract
006 Breast Cancer Detection Abstract
007 Cancer Detection Abstract
008 Cause Of Death Analysis Abstract
009 Cbi Crime Data Abstract
0010 Characterizing And Predicting Early Reviewers For Effective Product Marketing On Ecommerce Websites Abstract
0011 Correlated Matrix Factorization For Recommendation With Implicit Feedback Abstract
0012 Credit Card Fraud Analysis Using Predictive Modeling Abstract
0013 Customer Loan Prediction Analysis Abstract
0014 Data Driven Design Of Fog Computing Aided Process Monitoring System For Large-Scale Industrial Processes Abstract
0015 Deep Learning Applications In Medical Image Analysis-Brain Tumor Abstract
0016 Designing Cyber Insurance Policies The Role Of Pre-Screening And Security Interdependence Abstract
0017 Efficient Vertical Mining Of High Average- Utility Item sets Based On Novel Upper- Bounds Abstract
0018 Exploratory Visual Sequence Mining Based On Pattern Growth Abstract
0019 Generating Wikipedia By Summarizing Long Sequences Abstract
0020 Heart Disease Prediction Abstract
0021 Hotel Management System Abstract
0022 How Data-Driven Entrepreneur Analyzes Imperfect Information For Business Opportunity Evaluation Abstract
0023 Human Activity Reorganization Abstract
0024 Image Based Appraisal Of Real Estate Properties Abstract
0025 Implementation Of Machine Learning Algorithms For Detection Of Network instruction Abstract
0026 Iris Dataset Abstract
0027 Loan Prediction Dataset Abstract
0028 Modeling And Predicting Cyber Hacking Breaches Abstract
0029 Multi-Traffic scence Perception Based On Supervised Learning Abstract
0030 Personalized Affective Feedback To Address Students Frustration In Intelligent Tutoring System Abstract
0031 Predicting The Reviews Of The Restaurant Using Natural Language Processing Technique Abstract
032 Prediction Of Crude Oil Prices Using Svr With Grid Search Cross Validation Algorithm Abstract
0033 Price Based Resource Allocation For Edge Computing A Market Equilibrium Approach Abstract
0034 Recolored Image Detection Abstract
0035 Rich Short Text Conversation Using Semantic Key Controlled Sequence Generation Abstract
0036 Robust Malware Detection For IOT Devices Using Deep Eigen space Learning Abstract
0037 Semi-Supervised Machine Learning Approach For Ddos Detection Abstract
0038 Toward Better Statistical Validation Of Machine Learning-Based Multimedia Quality Estimators Abstract
0039 User Centric Machine Learning Framework For Cyber Security Operations Center Abstract
0040 Weakly-Supervised Deep Embedding For Product Review Sentiment Analysis Abstract