Hardware Projects

projects for B.Tech students on Hardware. PROJECT LIST
S. No Project Title Download Abstract
001 Design and fabrication of explosive forming Abstract
002 Manufacturing of mini boiler(steam power plant) Abstract
003 Fabrication of pipe bending cum sheet bending machine Abstract
004 Purify water using plasma or uv light in rural areas Abstract
005 Devlopment and fabrication of the criket bowling machine Abstract
006 Modelling and fabrication of tesla turbine Abstract
007 Development of gearless transmission Abstract
008 Water purification from kinetic energy Abstract
009 Fabrication of internal grinding wheel attached to lathe Abstract
010 Fabrication of electro hydraulic breaking system Abstract
011 Fabrication of electromagnetic clutch Abstract
012 Design and fabrication of pneumatic reciprocating water pumping system Abstract
013 Shock absorber power generation Abstract
014 Fabrication of Hydraulic mobile crane Abstract
015 Agricultural motor pump running using solar power Abstract
016 Development of innovative grass cutting machine Abstract
017 Thermo electric refrigerator Abstract
018 Solar power refrigerator system using thermoelectric plate Abstract
019 Solar powered home appliances. Abstract
020 Fabrication of sheet bending machine Abstract
021 Fabrication of auto gearing system Abstract
022 Manufacture of pneumatic punch Abstract
023 Manufacture of pneumatic hand drilling Abstract
024 Fabrication of solar based oven Abstract
025 Fabrication of wind mill Abstract
026 Automatic paint spraying pick and place equipment Abstract
027 Manufacture of solar water heater Abstract
028 Design and manufacturing of disc break Abstract
029 Designing and manufacturing of teeth gear Abstract
030 Development and manufacturing of cam shaft Abstract
031 Manufacturing of hydraulic cylinder Abstract
032 Design and manufacturing of crankshaft Abstract
033 Hydraulic material pressing system Abstract
034 Manufacturing of mechanical lifting jack Abstract
035 Manufacturing of nozzle Abstract
036 Fabrication of pattern die making Abstract
037 Modelling and fabrication of suspension spring Abstract
038 Fabrication of hydraulic press Abstract
039 Development and manufacturing of milling cutter Abstract
040 Manufacturing of different drill bits using the different materials Abstract
041 Fabrication of the conveyer belts Abstract
042 Manufacturing of pelton wheel turbine Abstract
043 Manufacture of hydraulic screw jack Abstract
044 Fabrication of sheet metal cutting Abstract
045 Fabrication of pneumatic door opener Abstract
046 Geneva mechanism based wheel conveyor belt Abstract
047 Automatic emergency braking system. Abstract
048 Development of brake failure indicator Abstract
049 Fabrication of compressed air engine Abstract
050 Development of double jaw vise Abstract
051 Design fabrication of gearless transmission Abstract
052 Design Fabrication of Thermo electric refrigerator using the Peltier cooling Abstract
053 Design manufacturing and analysis of hydraulic cylinder Abstract
054 Using Injection Moulding design and prepare the deferent industrial equipments Abstract
055 Design manufacturing and analysis on Hydraulic material pressing system Abstract
056 Design fabrication the deferent types of industrial uses Jigs And Fixtures equipments using cnc machines Abstract
057 Design manufacturing and analysis of wave washer Abstract
058 Design manufacturing and analysis on teeth gear Abstract
059 Design manufacturing and analysis on disc break Abstract
060 Fabrication of segway- prototype Abstract
061 Electromagnetic engine- piston based Abstract
062 Fabrication of solar car (4 wheel car)- prototype Abstract
063 Fabrication of power generation using shock absorber Abstract
064 Fabrication of mini milling machine. Abstract
065 Fabrication of geneva conveyor Abstract
067 Fabrication of can crusher Abstract
068 Fabrication of v, u, l type bending machines. Abstract
069 Tmt steel rod and sheet bending machine Abstract
070 Fabrication of vertical axis wind turbine Abstract
071 Hybrid power generation using solar, wind and hydel and designing of high efficient inverter Abstract
072 Fabrication of Hydraulic screw jack Abstract
073 90 degree turning steering mechanism – four wheeler Abstract
074 Fabrication of Hydraulic puller for automobile Abstract
075 fabrication of box transport mechanism Abstract
076 Pneumatic three direction dumping trolley Abstract
077 Automatic bottle washing machine 20 litters cane Abstract
078 Fabrication of automatic feeding and drilling with pneumatics Abstract
079 Fabrication of solar powered grass cutting machine. Abstract
080 Water pumping system using wind power Abstract
081 Fabrication of motorized grass cutting machine for agricultural purpose Abstract
082 Fabrication of wind mill based water pumping from well for agriculture. Abstract
083 Fabrication, design and experimental investigation of portable thermo electric refrigerator Abstract
084 Fabrication of solar refrigeration system. Abstract
085 Experimental on induction heating system by solar energy Abstract
086 Fabrication of solar air conditioner Abstract