EEE Major Projects

projects for B.Tech students on EEE. PROJECT LIST
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001 An Efficient Constant Current Controller for PV SolarPower Generator Integrated with the Grid Abstract
002 Performance Recovery of Voltage Source Converterswith Application to Grid-connected Fuel Cell DGs Abstract
003 Power Quality Analysis of Grid Connected SolarPower Inverter Abstract
004 Performance Analysis of Grid Connected SolarPhoto-Voltaic System under Grid AbnormalConditions Abstract
005 Improved Single Stage Grid Connected Solar PVSystem using Multilevel Inverter Abstract
006 Comparative Assessment of Three-PhaseTransformerless Grid-Connected Solar Inverters Abstract
007 Probabilistic Reliability Evaluation for PowerSystems with High Penetration of Renewable PowerGeneration Abstract
008 A Highly Efficient and Reliable Inverter Configuration Based Cascaded MultilevelInverter for PV Systems Abstract
009 A Synchronous Generator Based Diesel-PV HybridMicro-grid with Power Quality Controller Abstract
010 Dynamic voltage restorer employing multilevelcascaded H-bridge inverter Abstract
011 Operation and Control of a Hybrid Photovoltaic-Diesel-Fuel Cell System Connected to Micro-Grid Abstract
012 Fuel Cell connected to Grid through Inverter Abstract
013 A Capacitor Voltage-Balancing Method for NestedNeutral Point Clamped (NNPC) Inverter Abstract
014 Coordinated Control of PV Solar System as STATCOM(PV-STATCOM) and Power System Stabilizers forPower Oscillation Damping Abstract
015 A Cascaded Modular Multilevel Inverter TopologyUsing Novel Series Basic Units with a ReducedNumber of Power Electronic Elements Abstract
016 An Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter Using ReducedSwitch Count Topology Abstract
017 Simulation and Comparison of DVR andD-STATCOM for Voltage Sag Mitigation Abstract
018 A Projective Integration Method for Transient Stability Assessment of Power Systems with a High Penetration of Distributed Generation Abstract
019 Reducing harmonics in micro grid distributionsystem using APF with PI controller Abstract
020 Microgrid Operation for a Low Voltage Network withRenewable Energy Sources for Losses Minimizationand Voltage Control Abstract
021 A Combination of Shunt Hybrid Power Filterand Thyristor-Controlled Reactor for Power Quality Abstract
022 A 80-kW Isolated DC–DC Converterfor Railway Applications Abstract
023 A Single-Phase Active Device for Power QualityImprovement of Electrified Transportation Abstract
024 Virtual RC Damping of LCL-Filtered Voltage Source Converters With Extended SelectiveHarmonic Compensation Abstract
025 Integration of Wind Power and Wave PowerGeneration Systems Using a DC Microgrid Abstract
026 Induction Motor Control With a Small DC-LinkCapacitor Inverter Fed by Three-Phase DiodeFront-end Rectifiers Abstract
027 Advanced Fabrication, Modeling, and Testingof a Microphotosynthetic ElectrochemicalCell for Energy Harvesting Applications Abstract
028 A Multivariable Optimal Energy ManagementStrategy for Standalone DC Microgrids Abstract
029 An Adaptive Power Oscillation Damping Controllerby STATCOM With Energy Storage Abstract
030 Adaptive Droop Control Strategy for Load Sharingand Circulating Current Minimization inLow-Voltage Standalone DC Microgrid Abstract
031 Comparison of Detailed Modeling Techniques forMMC Employed on VSC-HVDC Schemes Abstract
032 Control and Experiment of an H-Bridge Based Three-Phase Three-Stage Modular Power Electronic Transformer Abstract
033 About Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion forSingle- and Three-Phase Multilevel Inverters Abstract
034 Single- and Two-Stage Inverter-Based Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Plants With Ride-Through Capability Under Grid Faults Abstract
035 Seventeen-Level Inverter Formed by CascadingFlying Capacitor and Floating Capacitor H-Bridges Abstract
036 A Modular Multilevel DC/DC Converter With FaultBlocking Capability for HVDC Interconnects Abstract
037 Active Rectifier With Integrated System Controlfor Microwind Power Systems Abstract
038 Individual Phase Current Control With the Capability to Avoid Overvoltage in Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Plants Under Unbalanced Voltage Sags Abstract
039 A High Step-Up DC to DC Converter UnderAlternating Phase Shift Control for Fuel CellPower System Abstract
040 Cascaded Control System of the Modular MultilevelConverter for Feeding Variable-Speed Drives Abstract
041 Advanced Integrated Modeling and Analysis forAdjustable Speed Drives of Induction MotorsOperating With Minimum Losses Abstract
042 Design Considerations of a Fault Current LimitingDynamic Voltage Restorer (FCL-DVR) Abstract
043 Flyback Mode for Improved Low-Power Efficiencyin the Dual-Active-Bridge Converter for BidirectionalPV Microinverters With Integrated Storage Abstract
044 A Novel control scheme for a Grid Connected Wind-Farm and Marine-Current Farm Using a STATCOM Abstract
045 Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter forHigher Output Voltage Levels Abstract
046 A Novel Control Method for TransformerlessH-Bridge Cascaded STATCOM With Star Configuration Abstract
047 Coordinate Control And Energy Management Strategies for a Grid-Connected Hybrid System Abstract
048 A New Hybrid Active Neutral Point Clamped FlyingCapacitor Multilevel Inverter Abstract
049 Reactive Power Management in IslandedMicrogrid—Proportional Power Sharingin Hierarchical Droop Control Abstract
050 A Grid-Connected Dual Voltage Source InverterWith Power Quality Improvement Features Abstract
051 Modular Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel PVInverter With Distributed MPPT for Grid-Connected Applications Abstract
052 Maximum Power Tracking of Doubly-Fed InductionGenerator using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy InferenceSystem Abstract
053 New Control of PV Solar Farm as STATCOM(PV-STATCOM) for Increasing Grid PowerTransmission Limits During Night and Day Abstract
054 Maximum Power Point Tracking for Wind Power Generation System at Variable Wind Speed using a Hybrid Technique Abstract
055 Grid Voltage Synchronization for DistributedGeneration Systems Under Grid Fault Conditions Abstract
056 Flexible System Architecture of Stand-Alone PVPower Generation With Energy Storage Device Abstract
057 An Improved IUPQC Controller to Provide Additional Grid-Voltage Regulation as a STATCOM Abstract
058 Modeling and Design of Series Voltage Compensator for Reduction of DC-Link Capacitance in Grid-Tie Solar Inverter Abstract
059 Unbalanced Power in Four-Wire Systems and Its Reactive Compensation Abstract
060 Bearing Currents and Shaft Voltage Reduction in Dual-Inverter-Fed Open-End Winding Induction Motor With Reduced CMV PWM Methods Abstract
061 High-Frequency AC-Link PV Inverter Abstract
062 An Improved Hybrid DSTATCOM Topology to Compensate Reactive and Nonlinear Loads Abstract
063 Proportional-Integral (PI) Compensator Design of Duty-Cycle-Controlled Buck LED Driver. Abstract
064 Stator Frequency Regulation in a Field-Oriented Controlled DFIG Connected to a DC Link. Abstract
65 STATCOM-Based Controller for a Three-Phase SEIG Feeding Single-Phase Loads Abstract
066 Cascaded Two-Level Inverter-Based Multilevel STATCOM for High-Power Applications Abstract
067 An Adjustable-Speed PFC Bridgeless Buck–Boost Converter-Fed BLDC Motor Drive Abstract
068 Design and Implementation of Sensor less Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control for Three-Level Boosting PFC. Abstract
069 Improved Active Power Filter Performance for Renewable Power Generation Systems Abstract
070 Design of a Sliding-Mode-Controlled SEPIC for PV MPPT Applications Abstract
071 Wind Turbine Generator–Battery Energy StorageUtility Interface Converter Topology WithMedium-Frequency Transformer Link Abstract
072 Optimal Decentralized Voltage Control forDistribution Systems With Inverter-BasedDistributed Generators Abstract
073 A New Nested Neutral Point-Clamped (NNPC)Converter for Medium-Voltage (MV)Power Conversion Abstract
074 Voltage Support Control Strategies for Static Synchronous Compensators Under Unbalanced Voltage Sags Abstract
075 Power Flow Improvement In Transmission Line Using UPFC Abstract
076 An Ultracapacitor Integrated Power Conditioner for Intermittency Smoothing and Improving Power Quality of Distribution Grid Abstract
077 A Hybrid-Switch-Based Soft-Switching Inverter for Ultrahigh-Efficiency Traction Motor Drives. Abstract
078 A Unified Control Strategy for Three-Phase Inverter in Distributed Generation Abstract
079 A Voltage-Controlled DSTATCOM for Power-Quality Improvement Abstract
080 Control of Reduced-Rating Dynamic Voltage Restorer With a Battery Energy Storage System Abstract
081 Control Scheme for a Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion System Abstract
082 Direct Power Control of Single VSC-Based DFIG Without Rotor Position Sensor Abstract
083 Novel Dual-FCL Connection with Neurofuzzy controller for Adding Distributed Generation to a Power Distribution Utility Abstract
084 Dynamic Stability Improvement of Four Parallel-Operated PMSG-Based Offshore Wind Turbine Generators Fed to a Power System Using a STATCOM Abstract
085 Direct Grid Current Control of LCL-Filtered Grid-Connected Inverter Mitigating Grid Voltage Disturbance Abstract
086 Flicker Mitigation by Individual Pitch Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbines With DFIG Abstract
087 Flexible Reactive Power Control in Multigroup Current-Sourced HVDC Interconnections Abstract
088 New Bidirectional Intelligent Semiconductor Transformer for Smart Grid Application Abstract
089 Excitation Synchronous Wind Power Generators With Maximum Power Tracking Scheme Abstract
90 New Modular Structure DC–DC Converter Without Electrolytic Capacitors for Renewable Energy Applications Abstract
091 A Transformer less Active Voltage Quality Regulator With the Parasitic Boost Circuit Abstract
092 Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for DFIG-Based Wind Power Generation Abstract
093 Reducing the Fault Current and Overvoltage in a Distribution System With Distributed Generation Units Through an Active Type SFCL Abstract
094 Application of SHE-PWM for Harmonic Immunity in VSCHVDC Transmission Abstract
095 Sub-Synchronous Interaction Damping Control for DFIG Wind Turbines Abstract
096 Design of Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) to Improve the Power Quality Problems by Using P-Q Theory Abstract
097 A High Voltage Gain DC–DC Converter Integrating Coupled-Inductor and Diode–Capacitor Techniques Abstract
098 Modeling and Nonlinear Control of a FuelCell/Supercapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicles Abstract
099 A Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Converter for Battery Energy Management Applied in Electric Vehicles Abstract
100 Optimal Sizing of UPQC Considering VA Loading and Maximum Utilization of Power-Electronic Converters Abstract
101 A High Step-Down Transformer less Single-Stage Single-Switch AC/DC Converter Abstract
102 A New Multi-level Inverter with FACTS Capabilitiesfor Wind Applications Abstract
103 A Single-Phase Grid-Connected Fuel Cell System Based on a Boost-Inverter Abstract
104 A Solar Power Generation System with a Seven-Level Inverter Abstract
105 Coordinated Control and Energy Management of Distributed Generation Inverters in a Micro grid Abstract
106 Damping of SSR Using Sub synchronous Current Suppressor With SSSC Abstract
107 Design and Implementation of Energy Management System With Fuzzy Control for DC Micro grid Systems Abstract
108 Digital-Scalar PWM Approaches Applied to Four-Leg Voltage-Source Inverters Abstract
109 Distributed Generation Using Indirect Matrix Converter in Reverse Power Mode Abstract
110 Fault Current Interruption by the Dynamic Voltage Restorer Abstract
111 Five-Level Inverter for Renewable Power Generation System Abstract
112 The New Topology In Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Abstract
113 Harmonic and Unbalance Compensation Based on Direct Power Control for Electric Railway Systems Abstract
114 High Boost Ratio Hybrid Transformer DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic Module Applications Abstract
115 High efficiency and high power factor single-stage balanced forward-flyback converter Abstract
116 A High Step-Down Transformer less Single-Stage Single-Switch AC/DC Converter Abstract
117 High-Efficiency Single-Input Multiple-Output DC–DC Converter Abstract
118 Hybrid Voltage and Current Control Approach for DG-Grid Interfacing Converters With LCL filters Abstract
119 Implementation of Discrete PWM Control Scheme on Dynamic Voltage Restorer for the Mitigation of Voltage Sag /Swell Abstract
120 Improved Double Line Voltage Synthesis Strategies of Matrix Converter for Input/Output Quality Enhancement Abstract
121 Improved Sensorless Operation of a CSI-Based Induction Motor Drive: Long Feeder Case Abstract
122 Interleaved Soft Switching Boost Converter with MPPT for Photovoltaic Power Generation System Abstract
123 Low-Frequency AC Transmission for Offshore Wind Power Abstract
124 New Breed of Network Fault-Tolerant Voltage-Source-Converter HVDC Transmission System Abstract
125 New Method to Achieve AC Harmonic Elimination and Energy Storage Integration for 12-Pulse Diode Rectifiers Abstract
126 Operation and Control of Wind/Fuel Cell Based Hybrid Micro grid in Grid Connected Mode Abstract
127 Operation of a Three-Phase Power Converter Connected to a Distribution System Abstract
128 Reconfigurable Solar Converter: A Single-Stage Power Conversion PV-Battery System Abstract
129 Space-Vector-Modulated Three-Level Inverters With a Single Z-Source Network Abstract
130 Study on Voltage Unbalance Improvement Using SFCL in Power Feed Network With Electric Railway System Abstract
131 VAR Planning With Tuning of STATCOM in a DG Integrated Industrial System Abstract
132 High Reliability and Efficiency Single-Phase Transformer less Inverter for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Abstract
133 Selective Harmonic Mitigation Technique for Cascaded H-Bridge Converters With Nonequal DC Link Voltages Abstract
134 Single-Phase Single-Stage Transformer less Grid-Connected PV System Abstract
135 A DC–DC Converter Based on the Three-State Switching Cell for High Current and Voltage Step-Down Applications Abstract
136 High Boost Ratio Hybrid Transformer DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic Module Applications Abstract
137 A New Single-Phase Single-Stage Three-Level Power Factor Correction AC–DC Converter Abstract
138 A Low-Power AC–DC Single-Stage Converter With Reduced DC Bus Voltage Variation Abstract
139 New Efficient Bridgeless Cuk Rectifiers for PFC Applications Abstract
140 A ZVS Grid-Connected Three-Phase Inverter Abstract
141 A Safety Enhanced, High Step-Up DC–DC Converter for AC Photovoltaic Module Application Abstract
142 Analysis and Comparison of Three Topologies of the Ladder Multilevel DC/DC Converter Abstract
143 Multilevel Current Waveform Generation Using Inductor Cells and H-Bridge Current-Source Inverter Abstract
144 Novel Nonisolated High-Voltage Gain DC–DC Converters Based on 3SSC and VMC Abstract
145 Analysis and Design of a Zero-Voltage-Switching and Zero-Current-Switching Interleaved Boost Converter Abstract
146 Feed-Forward Compensator of Operating Frequency for APWM HB Flyback Converter Abstract
147 High Efficiency AC–AC Power Electronic Converter Applied to Domestic Induction Heating Abstract
148 Single-Phase to Three-Phase Power Converters: State of the Art Abstract
149 A Modified Single-Phase Quasi-Z-Source AC–AC Converter Abstract
150 Adaptive Fuzzy-Neural-Network Design for Voltage Tracking Control of a DC–DC Boost Converter Abstract
151 A DSTATCOM Topology With Reduced DC-Link Voltage Rating for Load Compensation With Nonstiff Source Abstract
152 Control of Parallel Multiple Converters for Direct-Drive Permanent-Magnet Wind Power Generation Systems Abstract
153 Advanced Control of Series Voltage Compensation to Enhance Wind Turbine Ride Through Abstract
154 High Boost Ratio Hybrid Transformer DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic Module Applications Abstract
155 Cascade Dual Buck Inverter With Phase-Shift Control Abstract
156 Power Quality Improvement using Repetitive Controlled Dynamic Voltage Restorer for various faults Abstract
157 Grid Interconnection of Renewable Energy Sources at the Distribution Level Using fuzzy Logic controller Abstract
158 Power Quality Improvement For Grid Connected Wind Energy System Using Svc Light Abstract
159 DTC Control Strategy for Doubly Fed Induction Machine under Low Voltage Dips Abstract
160 An Intelligent Speed Controller for Brushless DC Motor Abstract
161 Modeling and Control of a Three-Phase Four-Switch PWM Voltage-Source Rectifier in d-q Synchronous Frame Abstract
162 A Single-Phase High-Power-Factor Rectifier, Based on a Two-Quadrant Shunt Active Filter Abstract
163 Single-Phase Z-Source Inverter Abstract
164 Diode-Clamped Three-Level Inverter-Based Battery/Supercapacitor Direct Integration Scheme for Renewable Energy Systems Abstract
165 Abstract
166 Efficient Sequential Switching Hybrid-Modulation Techniques for Cascaded Multilevel Inverters Abstract
167 Performance of a High-Efficiency Switched- Capacitor-Based Resonant Converter With Phase-Shift Control Abstract
168 Neutral-Point Potential Balancing of Three-Level Inverters in Direct-Driven Wind Energy Conversion System Abstract
169 Single-Phase Seven-Level Grid-Connected Inverter for Photovoltaic System Abstract
170 Selective Harmonic Mitigation Technique for Cascaded H-Bridge Converters with Non-Equal DC Link Voltages Abstract
171 Power Quality Improvement Based on Novel Power Electronic Transformer Abstract
172 UPQC-S: A Novel Concept of Simultaneous Voltage Sag/Swell and Load Reactive Power Compensations Utilizing Series Inverter of UPQ Abstract
173 Dynamic Stability Improvement of an Integrated Grid-Connected Offshore Wind Farm and Marine-Current Farm Using a STATCOM Abstract
174 A New Approach to Multifunctional Dynamic Voltage Restorer Implementation for Emergency Control in Distribution Systems Abstract
175 DC/DC Boost Converter Functionality in a Three-Phase Indirect Matrix Converter Abstract
176 Grid Interconnection of Renewable Energy Sources at the Distribution Level With Power-Quality Improvement Feature Abstract
177 Modeling and Simulation Research onClosed-loop Servo System Abstract
178 Reliability Evaluation of Bulk Power Systems Incorporating UPFC Abstract
179 Supercapacitors and Battery power management for Hybrid Vehicle Applications Using multi boost and full bridge Converters Abstract
180 Direct Torque Control for Doubly Fed Induction Machine-Based Wind Turbines Under Voltage Dips and Without Crowbar Protection Abstract
181 Implementation and Control of an Hybrid Multilevel Converter with Floating DC-links for Current Waveform Improvement Abstract
182 A FACTS Device: Distributed Power-Flow Controller (DPFC) Abstract
183 Ripple Current Reduction of a Fuel Cell for a Single-Phase Isolated Converter Using a DC Active Filter With a Center Tap Abstract
184 Enhancement of Power Quality in Distribution System Using D-STATCOM Abstract
185 Power-Management Strategies for a Grid-Connected PV-FC Hybrid System Abstract
186 Wind Farm to Weak-Grid Connection using UPQC Custom Power Device Abstract
187 Single-Phase to Three-Phase Drive System Using Two Parallel Single-Phase Rectifiers Abstract
188 Enhancement of Microturbine-Generator Output Voltage Quality through Application of Matrix Converter Interface Abstract
189 Design of a Hybrid PID Plus Fuzzy Controller for Speed Control of Induction Motors Abstract
190 An Inrush Mitigation Technique of Load Transformers for the Series Voltage Sag Compensator Abstract
191 Modeling and Real-Time Simulation of Non-Grid- Connected Wind Energy Conversion System Abstract
192 A Voltage Controlled Adjustable Speed PMBLDCM Drive using A Single-Stage PFC Half-Bridge Converter Abstract
193 A STATCOM-Control Scheme for Grid Connected Wind Energy System for Power Quality Improvement Abstract
194 A New 84-pulse VSC Configuration Using Multi- Level DC Voltage Reinjection for Especial Applications Abstract
195 A Novel Three-Phase to Five-Phase Transformation Using a Special Transformer Connection Abstract
196 Design and Analysis of a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power System Abstract
197 A New Combined Model for Simulation of Mutual Effects between LFC and AVR Loops Abstract
198 A Novel Three-Phase Three-Leg AC/AC Converter Using Nine IGBTs Abstract
199 Bidirectional Switch Commutation for a Matrix Converter Supplying a Series Resonant Load Abstract
200 Zero-Voltage Transition Current-Fed Full-Bridge PWM Converter Abstract
201 A Fast-Acting DC-Link Voltage Controller for Three-Phase DSTATCOM to Compensate AC and DC Loads Abstract
202 Multi converter Unified Power-Quality Conditioning System: MC-UPQC Abstract
203 Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Power Systems Based on Renewable Energy Abstract
204 Voltage Flicker Compensation using STATCOM Abstract
205 A Versatile Control Scheme for a Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power-Quality Improvement Abstract
206 Soft Computing Techniques for the Control of an Active Power Filter Abstract
207 A Variable-Speed, Sensorless, Induction Motor Drive Using DC Link Measurements Abstract
208 Reduced Rating VSC With a Zig-Zag Transformer for Current Compensation in a Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution System Abstract
209 Design and analysis of dynamic voltage restorer for deep voltage sagand harmonic compensation Abstract
210 Sensorless Current Control of Three-Phase Inverter-Based Distributed Generation Abstract
211 A Modular Fuel Cell, Modular DC–DC Converter Concept for High Performance and Enhanced Reliability Abstract
212 A Novel Design Approach of DC Voltage Balancing Controller for Cascaded H-Bridge Converter-Based STATCOM Abstract
213 Modeling of FACTS Devices Based on SPWM VSCs Abstract
214 UPQC Signal Detection Algorithm Studies Based on PSO-FUZZY Abstract
215 Seven-Level Shunt Active Power Filter for High-Power Drive Systems Abstract
216 A Single-Phase Voltage Controlled Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Power Quality Conditioner Functionality Abstract
217 An Inrush Mitigation Technique of Load Transformers for the Series Voltage Sag Compensator Abstract
218 Switching Losses and Harmonic Investigations in Multilevel Inverters Abstract
219 Implementation of Shunt Active Power Filter Using Source Voltage and Source Current Detection Abstract
220 Implementation of Shunt Active Power Filter Using Source Voltage and Source Current Detection Abstract
222 Study of HVDC Light for Its Enhancement of AC/DC Interconnected Transmission Systems Abstract
223 Analysis, Design, Modeling, Simulation and Development of Single-Switch AC-DC Converters for Power Factor and Efficiency Improvement Abstract
224 Control of a Doubly Fed Induction Wind Generator Under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions Abstract
225 Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner Abstract
226 The Effective Role of AVR and PSS in Power Systems: Frequency Response Analysis Abstract
227 Modeling and Simulation ofElectromagnetic Conducted Emission Due to Power Electronics Converters Abstract